Charlotte Marshall, Producer: "Manhattan Life"

As the producer, director and writer of a monthly ½-hour public access show for the City of Manhattan Beach (Manhattan Life) I have worked with Greg for more than four years. Throughout this time he has continued to improve the production quality of the show with his suggestions, creative camera work, technical editing expertise and special effects. My favorite part of working with Greg is that when presented with a problem or question, he invariably comes up with a solution or answer that far exceeds my expectations. He’s a joy to work with, maintains a cheerful and positive attitude, even when situations get tense, and has a great way of making talent feel at ease so they are able to perform at their best. This is not to say that there haven’t been times when I wish I could strangle the guy; because he is such a talented and smart individual, he is in constant demand by community members, colleagues, family and friends. Sometimes he overbooks himself and has to rearrange schedules. This can be frustrating, but he always manages to complete projects and I am always more than pleasantly surprised with their quality and excellence. Even with his minor flaws, I would choose to work with this guy over a hundred others I’ve met throughout the years.

Elizabeth Kotoff, Dance Choreographer

Active in filming a dance production, Greg Wyatt surpassed the boundaries of just a videographer. In our first conversation he outlined how he can help me create the successful event I had envisioned. Greg offered his expertise in the tangent areas needed to create a well-lit and therefore well-videoed event. He also procured the appropriate equipment necessary. In addition, his moral support in the success of my vision stellar. He saw what was needed to do and he did it. He answered questions. He found solutions to problems. And in the end, I have a beautiful video documentary of my project to cherish forever.

Shelby Phillips, Actress & Producer

Greg is really a Jack of All Trades. Whether in front of the camera,
behind it or in the editing room, you can count on him to be creative,
knowledgeable and fun. He is a pleasure to work with because he always
brings with him a wonderful sense of humor...which is so vitally important
in this business. Greg is one of the most generous, kind-hearted and honest people I know, and I truly adore working with him!


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