Below are a sample of the programs and products I've been involved in producing, directing, hosting, shooting, and editing. This is a very small sample as this is a very small website. Click the picture, download the clip, and check out what I do. If you'd like to see more, click on the contact page and request a DVD of all my greatest hits.

You will need QuickTime to view some of these clips.


  Produced by Paula Packwood (healthcare consultant, author, and registered nurse) and shot entirely by me, this is an important piece about the looming shortage of nursing in California, and the United States in general. This eye-opening video has been presented audiences from Sacramento to Washington, DC.
  A promotional video for the Hawthorne Police Department helicopter program.


A short film, directed by Tom Kearney. I helped him shoot and edit it. t also served as the centerpiece for the first Hermosa Shorts Film Fest.


Excerpts from the year long run of “Lafter Hours”, which was the South Bay’s premiere comedy showcase for that year.  Monty and I co-produced.  I also did all the hand held camera work and the technical editing (with Monty sitting right next to me the whole time nitpicking over single frame edits, proving the depth of my patience).  It was a fun show, but a lot of work, and we were both burnt out and ready to move on to other projects after that year.


"Please Don’t Feed the Serial Killers” – A short comedy PSA parody that outlines the warning signs that you should look for in a potential Serial Killer.  This is a fun piece I was asked to work on by Monty Whaley and the rest of the cast of the Monster X comedy troupe.  I did all the shooting and editing.

I was hired to shoot, edit, and co-produce an instructional DVD for people that want to get cast on reality TV programs. This is 2-minute promo I put together for them.
One of my many functions at Adelphia is to produce spots for local events, and the Bayou Bash is a perfect example of what can be done on a very tight schedule, and a zero budget. I acted as producer, camera, editor, and graphic artist.


This is another example of a local event spot, but produced under entirely different circumstances. The Festival Committee insisted the spot be built from a promo done by someone who won a contest, and include clips from a number of the movies in the festival. The problem was the contest winning promo was over 2 minutes long and I didn't have time to get in touch with the original producer for the raw footage. The result shows what can be done if you know how to wring the most out of Final Cut Pro.
Aside from the politics involved, this was a much easier spot to produce. The Chamber of Commerce insisted on getting EVERY logo for EVERY sponsor inserted into this ad. Then they wanted a family version and a more adulterated version. This is the family cut.
And here's the more adult version... Just a bit more emphasis on the live music and drinking, really. Special thanks to Dennis Colonna, the Voice, for lending his talent here. As usual, I shot and edited everything on both these ads.
Manhattan Life has consistently been a joy to work on. I do most of the shooting, and all the editing/graphics work. This clip is the custom opener I designed for the producer. This is actually the first time I used Apple's Live Type.
This is another Public Service Announcement, this time produced for Leadership Redondo. Most of the time, when I'm asked to put together a PSA I'm handed a stack of poorly shot VHS material and asked to make do. This time I was actually involved in the pre-production phase and convinced the group to arrange some shoots for the necessary footage. What we ended up with is a terrific little spot that cost the class nothing.
Dennis Colonna, my go to voice over guy, produced a local issues program called Speak Easy. He asked me to put together some simple openers, and this is what I delivered. Interestingly, he then had another friend of his recut them with snazzier loops, and then, ironically, he abandoned the whole program and started producing a different show. Such is life. I still like these opens.


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